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Lara e Luisa

Lalù is a combination of La and Lu, Lara and Luisa, two young women from Turin without any rural tradition.

Wine first started to interest us while attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences, close to the hills of the Langhe region. After our lectures, we would often visit local wine producers, and their tales of hard work and love would always fascinate us, oblivious to the fact that one day our lives would be so similar to theirs.

After presenting a four-handed thesis on how to create an eco-friendly winery, we packed our bags and set off to see what the world was like beyond our hills, visiting wineries in South Africa and Argentina. On returning to Piedmont we settled in the Langhe hills, thus breaking with the traditional approach to finding a job: we moved away from the city and into the countryside.

In 2015 we bought and planted our first vineyard in La Morra: it was not where our origins lay, but it became the source of what we had chosen to be. Who better than the vines could show us how to get there? Transforming our dream into a real business indeed required a good dose of daring: much like a plant that succeeds in growing in the most hostile parts of the world and withstand the harshest weather.

The Lalù winery was officially founded in 2019. Today we have come to realise that our project would never have been possible without our combined determination. This amazing adventure would never have come about with either "La" or "Lu" individually. Simply because whenever either one of us lacks something, the other fills in.