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Turning grapes into wine is a magical process; the agricultural process that most closely marries the fruits of the earth with human knowledge. This extraordinary process occurs year in year out, according to the laws of nature to which we have to adapt. Three hundred sixty-five days no longer define a year: for us winemakers, the year that counts runs from one harvest to the next, and factors in all the environmental elements that will influence the quality of our grapes. Implementing standardised vinification protocols is inconceivable; rather, our sensitivity and expertise are essential to adapt to the specific conditions of every single harvest. Knowing that experience governs skilled winemakers’ choices, we both apprenticed as winemakers in Burgundy to gain the world’s most ancient oenological expertise. Our wines come exclusively from the vineyards we tend. We vinify each vineyard individually because we firmly believe that individual wines should reflect the vineyard in which their grapes are grown. In keeping with this philosophy, we do not add selected yeasts, and we manage the winemaking process with meticulous attention by preparing a "pied de cuve“ before harvesting. Some of the grapes we process are not destemmed, and some are not crushed. We move the grapes by gravity, without the use of pumps, to retain the grapes’ original quality.


we vinify the Monforte grapes in concrete tanks with a given percentage of stems; we age the wine in Austrian oak barrels, and then second passage barriques, for approximately eight months.


for this wine, we use grapes from the vineyards of Monforte and La Morra, which are still too young to be used for Barolo. We vinify the grapes from each vineyard separately, in concrete tanks, and we age them in Austrian oak barrels for approximately eight months.

Le Coste di Monforte

we vinify the grapes in an Austrian oak vat, and, depending on the vintage, we prolong the maceration at the end of fermentation using the submerged cap technique. We then age the wine in Austrian oak barrels.